Early Alert at Georgia State University is an initiative that seeks to provide feedback and support to students who have demonstrated behaviors within the first six weeks of the semester that may hinder academic performance and overall college success.  This outreach effort is a partnership between faculty teaching undergraduate students and staff in the Office of Student Success.

Students are provided with individualized support to identify academic challenges, resources, and strategies to address academic challenges.  Students are also encouraged to meet with the professor(s) who submitted their name to Early Alert.

An EA hold was placed on your record because two or more professors identified you as at risk of failing their course through observing behaviors that do not contribute to academic success.

Excessive tardiness or absences, lack of participation and engagement in the course, failure to submit assignments or submission of incomplete assignments, difficulty comprehending course content, or grades that indicate potential failure in the course are all indicators that a student may be at risk of academic failure.

Students receive an email to their @student.gsu.edu address or a phone call from a representative from the Office of Undergraduate Studies or University Advisement Center.

Students with Early Alert holds must schedule an appointment with an Academic Coach (404-413-2096, 257-A Sparks Hall).  At that appointment, the Coach will address concerns about academic success with the student and will refer them to appropriate campus resources.  Each EA student is also encouraged to meet individually with the professors who submitted their name to Early Alert.  After they meet with a Coach their hold will be removed from their account.

Students should meet with an Academic Coach as soon as possible, as the hold will not be removed until the student has met with a Coach. This hold will prevent students from registering for the following semester’s classes.  To schedule an appointment with a Coach please contact the Coaching office at 404/413-2096.  Questions related to the Early Alert program should be directed to the Office of First-Year and Transition Programs via email at earlyalert@gsu.edu.