Early Alert Program Details

Students identified as doing unsatisfactory work in one course will be sent an email that encourages them to attend an academic success workshop designed to increase basic collegiate skills. They will also be informed about other academic resources on campus.  In addition to this basic outreach, students who are identified in two or more courses will be contacted individually in an effort to better diagnose and address the academic challenges they face. These students are at the greatest retention risk.

Please click here to review information provided to students regarding the Early Alert Program. Thank you in advance for your willingness to assist with this retention initiative. If you have any questions about the Early Alert Program, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Kendall.

  • All faculty teaching students will receive an email through the EAB software at the beginning of week four of the semester with the subject title, “Early Alert Notification.”


  • In the e-mail, a link will be provided to access to the EAB reporting program, and a login and password is not required to submit feedback.

  • Please identify students who are at risk (i.e. unsatisfactory work or performance) at this point in the semester. This process is not punitive. We want to help students before it is too late, so please report students who exhibit any warning signs (habitual tardiness, poor attendance, lack of attention in class, non-participative in class), even if they have not failed a formal assignment.
  • If none of your students are at risk of failing your course, simply leave all fields blanks and click submit; this will indicate to us that you have completed the student assessment and will not receive additional requests to participate in the program.


  • EAB also allows faculty to make comments about individual students. An indication of your concerns about the student will be helpful to the retention team.
  • Providing the student’s grade and the number of absences is optional; however, reporting the student’s grade and/or number of absences is encouraged to obtain a comprehensive view of the student.
  • Please submit Early Alert reports no later than the sixth week of the semester. This timeline will allow the retention team adequate time to contact students for appropriate interventions prior to the semester midpoint.

  • The Office of First-Year and Transition Programs team will contact all students identified by your reporting and we will conduct appropriate interventions.
  • Students will be notified concerning which courses they received an “Early Alert Notification” and will be encouraged to meet with you during your office hours in addition to utilizing services and resources in the Office of First-Year and Transition Programs. Students may be nervous to approach you, however, please encourage them to meet with you during office hours to discuss strategies for how to improve in your course.
  • At the conclusion of the semester, each Department Chair will receive a comprehensive report of faculty submissions and student contacts.