GSU 1010 Modules

GSU 1010 contains required and recommended modules related to the orientation goals of the course, which are to introduce students to campus and community resources needed to successfully transition to university life during their first semester at Georgia State University. The Learning Outcomes for all students enrolled in GSU 1010 are to be able to:

  • demonstrate competency in academic success skills (i.e. conducting research, speaking with professors, test taking skills, study skills, etc.)
  • demonstrate an understanding of the academic policies stated in the student code of conduct
  • provide examples of academic dishonesty
  • identify the available campus resources to maintain proper academic advising (i.e. Student Advisement Center, Office of Undergraduate Studies)
  • identify the available campus resources to maintain a well balance lifestyle in order to support academic success (i.e. Counseling and Testing Center, Health Services, Student Health Promotions, Student Recreation Center).

Please review a sample syllabus for GSU 1010.

The descriptions of optional modules are offered in an effort to help GSU 1010 instructors decide on which ones to include in their GSU 1010 courses. Faculty members have the opportunity to sign up for the modules through the website provided in the teaching packet.

Required Modules

Optional Modules

  • Fitness (Recreation Center)
  • Nutrition
  • Financial Awareness
  • Sex Signals: A Funny Show about date rape — what’s that all about? Find out more here.
  • Counseling & Testing Services (Mental Health, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Diversity)
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • University Career Services (Cover Letters, Interviews, etc.)
  • Intercultural Relations (Stereotypes, Privilege, Language)