The Perspective courses have an interdisciplinary focus and are designed to provide students with a better understanding of the contemporary world. Pers 2001 and Pers 2002 count for 2 credits; one of the courses may be used to fulfill requirements of the Core in Area B, Institutional Options.

Pers 2001 Perspectives on Comparative Culture explores our world through the study of different cultures. Each section of the course offered explores a different aspect of our world and of our culture. Some of the recent offerings include Comparative Musical Cultures, Comparative Religious Cultures, Global Business and Society, World Foods, Families in Contemporary Societies, Culture and Poverty, and Latino Literature and Culture in America.

Pers 2002 Scientific Perspectives on Global Problems examines scientific approaches to important issues on the environment, public health, or technology. Some of the recent offerings include Business and Technology, Drug Use and Abuse, Aggression and Violence, Environmental Impact on Health, Comparative Policy Analysis of Health Care Systems, and Crisis, Leadership, and Public Policy.

*Please note that some sections may be reserved for Freshman Learning Communities. No overflows can be granted for these sections.

For more information on Perspectives, call 404-413-2052 or come to the Office of Undergraduate Studies in 224 Sparks Hall.

Faculty members who wish to propose a new Perspectives course should complete the following form.