Supplemental Instruction Faculty Information

Faculty members with SI assigned to their courses are asked to :

  • Allow the SI Leader to make weekly announcements in class regarding SI Sessions
  • Send e-mails to students enrolled in the course to promote SI session attendance
  • Post SI session schedules in classroom, on syllabus and Desire2Learn
  • Provide copies of the course textbook and supplemental materials required for the course
  • Provide the SI Leader course supplements and study materials in advance
  • Meet with the SI Leader to review session materials and discuss class content
  • Provide student data and test grades to the SI Office to evaluate the effectiveness of the SI Program
  • Participate in meetings facilitated by the SI Program Director to learn about current SI information

Faculty members are not responsible for training, supervising SI Leaders, or for enforcing student participation, which is strictly voluntary. Faculty support is vital to the success of the program and each faculty member is encouraged to promote SI sessions to students enrolled in the course. Faculty who support SI and endorse the program yields higher student attendance at SI sessions.

Commonly Asked Questions

Most important element to the success of the SI Program is the endorsement of the faculty. Faculty members do not supervise or train SI Leaders, but when instructors encourage their students to attend SI sessions, attendance has been shown to increase. Also important to the success of the program is periodic communication between the SI Leader and the instructor. faculty members can help the SI Leader understand course expectations and how to help prepare students for the course. Additionally, the faculty member can provide resources to the SI Leader to aid in planning and organizing the sessions.

  • SI leaders can provide feedback about difficult course content
  • SI Leaders can help students prepare for class lectures
  • Instructor evaluations improve when students are successful
  • Information to support research grants
  • Contributing to the retention, progression, and graduation of Georgia State students

Instructors are asked to promote and allow SI Leaders to use time to:

  • Introduce SI
  • Promote SI
  • Verbally announce times and locations of SI sessions, and
  • Conduct mid-term evaluations

SI sessions typically occur just before and right after each lecture. SI session times are offer three times a week. SI sessions are located in the same building or close proximity to the class lecture to make attending SI sessions convenient for students.

To view the complete, current SI schedule of SI sessions click here.

If you have students you would like to recommend as SI Leaders, please ask students to complete an SI Leader application available in the Supplemental Instruction Office (249 Sparks Hall). A faculty recommendation is required to complete the SI Leader application. The candidate should ask you to complete the faculty recommendation form. To recommend a student, you may also contact the Academic Professional for Supplemental Instruction, Gala Jackson, at
If you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to or call the SI Office at 404/413-2061.