First-Year Book for Faculty

The First-Year Book Program at Georgia State University aims to provide all incoming freshmen with a common intellectual experience to stimulate discussion, to promote critical thinking, and to develop a sense of community among first-year students, faculty, and staff.

Throughout the fall semester, programs and events related to the book will be offered. The first event associated with the book will take place on Sunday, August 23, 2015, when the author of the book will be the keynote speaker at Freshman Convocation.

All incoming freshmen will receive a copy of the selection during Incept; students are expected to read the book before the start of their first semester. The book will also be covered in Engl 1101 English Composition and in GSU 1010 New Student Orientation, among other courses.

The goals of the First-Year Book Program are to:

  • promote academic discourse and critical thinking
  • provide an introduction to the expectations of higher education
  • integrate an academic and social experience into the campus community
  • raise awareness and tolerance of cultural likenesses and differences
  • create a sense of community

Faculty members are invited to incorporate the First-Year Book in their courses. Please feel free to consult the Instructor’s Guide created by the First-Year Programs or the Research Guide put together by the University Library for tips or ideas.