Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Experience (ACE) is a voluntary program designed to offer academic support services to students on academic warning with less than 42 credit hours.

Each student who volunteers to participate in the program is assigned an academic coach. The coach and student meet initially to assess the individual’s academic strengths, weaknesses and factors that impede academic progress.

If you would like to meet with an Academic Coach, please stop by the Office of Student Success in 255 Sparks Hall.

Academic coaching empowers students by helping them:

  • objectively assess barriers to academic success
  • establish attainable educational goals
  • develop and maintain positive daily routines
  • improve time management and organizational skills
  • enhance self-esteem and self-advocacy skills
  • develop a study schedule
  • become active learners and class participants
  • take effective lecture notes
  • prepare for exams
  • balance academic and social demands
  • establish rapport with professors
  • utilize college resources

If you are ready to have a personal academic coach join your team to help you reach your goals, please login using the form to the right to complete the application form, schedule an appointment, and get started on the road to success.