Adjust Your Schedule

We want to make sure that your fall schedule is consistent with your major and works with your other responsibilities.

Before doing anything else, make sure that your credits are showing up on your PAWS account.
To check your credits:

  1. Log in to your PAWS account.
  2. Click the “One Stop Shop” tab.
  3. Click “View Transfer Credit.” You will be asked to log in once again (this time to GoSolar).
  4. Click “Student Records Menu” and then “View Transfer Credit.”The courses you receive credit for should appear.

If no classes appear and you received your scores from College Board:

  • make sure that your scores were sent from College Board to Georgia State University;
  • contact the Office of Admissions at 404/413-2500 to inquire about the status of your credits.

If you want to adjust your schedule, but your credits do not yet appear:

  • bring a copy of your College Board scores to the University Advisement Center (404-413-2300) along with your name, ID, and your FLC;
  • drop by the Office of Admissions (200 Sparks Hall) and they”ll make a copy of your scores.

For any adjustment to your fall schedule, please respond to the email sent from your academic advisor. The email should have been sent a few days after you attended Incept.

Questions about your FLC hold should be directed to your academic advisor or can be answered in the FAQ.