Freshman/Atlanta Connection

The Freshman/Atlanta Connection, a collaborative effort between Undergraduate Studies and the English Department, is an academic retention initiative being offered Spring Semester 2014. The impetus for developing this program is the recognized need for freshman retention programming that extends throughout the first year.

Spring Programming:

The structure of the Freshman Learning Communities tends to be one semester of linked courses. As part of the experience, new students are presented with success strategies and information during the first semester. Spring semester programming extends the proactive intentional support for new students into the second half of their first year, thus enabling institutions to provide more wide-ranging first-year experiences for students. The Freshman/Atlanta Connection offers students the opportunity to continue with their FLC student cohort and English 1101 instructor in their second semester English 1102 course. (Please note that non-FLC students can also participate in this program.)

In addition to continuing with a cohort of students and their English 1101 instructor, all students in the class will receive the following opportunities:

  • Engage with the community through Atlanta-Based Learning;
  • Register at the same time as seniors for fall 2014 courses;
  • Receive customized second-semester advisement information; and
  • Participate in special career exploration activities.

The priority deadline for current students has ended. Students should now be able to register in all sections of Engl 1102 for spring. If sections are full, please contact the department of English.