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Student Support Services (SSS)-Classic is a program that offers services aimed at increasing the academic potential of SSS-Classic participants and are provided at no cost to eligible students. The goal of the program is to increase retention and graduation rates of college students who demonstrate academic need and who are either first-generation, and/or low income, and/or have a documented disability. This goal is based upon the belief that all students, regardless of age, family background, learning style, or presence of a disability, should have equal opportunity to reach their full personal, academic, and career potential.

You are eligible if:
To be eligible for acceptance and qualify for the free services offered through SSS-Classic, students must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident.  You demonstrate academic need. You meet at least one of the following:

  • Are a first generation college student and/or,
  • Demonstrate financial need (or low income status) and/or,
  • Have a documented disability, including LD and/or ADD with documentation on file in the Office of Disability Services

How to Apply?
Program information  and applications are available in the SSS-Classic office, located in 145 Sparks Hall. Potential participants must complete necessary paperwork to be considered for acceptance. Once the paperwork is completed, the student must schedule an intake/assessment appointment with an SSS-Classic staff member. After the intake/assessment appointment, applicants will be notified within one to two weeks regarding program acceptance.

The purpose of the SSS-Classic program is to help students throughout their college career by providing them the necessary tools and resources needed for degree completion. Since the program can only serve a limited number of participants, it is very important that, once accepted, participants utilize every possible service offered.

Individual and Group Tutoring
Individualized tutoring sessions in multiple subject areas are offered to all of our participants. SSS have a great team of dedicated and personable tutors who strive to help each student excel academically. Group tutoring sessions are also available upon request.

Academic Advisement
SSS monitor our students' progress as they matriculate through their academic studies.  Individual academic assessments are a key feature of this program in which each student is given individual advisement specific to their major and career aspirations.

Community Service Learning Projects
SSS encourage students to contribute to Georgia State University and the greater Atlanta area through active volunteer programs. Our students serve as tutors and role models for younger students in the Atlanta area.

Financial Aid Assistance
Grant aid opportunities are available to eligible students. Furthermore, SSS actively inform students about other financial resources, including scholarships and fellowships for which they may be eligible.

SSS workshops are academically and culturally enriching. During our workshops, students learn how to become viable candidates for graduate programs as well as the work force.

Career Exploration and Development
Individualized action plans are created for each student based on their educational and career goals.  Students are provided with information to assist them during their academic journey.

Computer Lab with Free Printing & Scanning
Students have access to a computer lab with printing, copying, and scanning services.