Tips & Secrets for Success

Checkout these Tips & Secrets for Success from current Georgia State students

Classroom Experience

The learning process begins in the classroom. Effective note taking, studying, attendance, participation and the “dreaded” textbook reading are all crucial in making the most… more »

Learning Outside the Classroom

Attending a university in the heart of Atlanta has many benefits if you have the right resources. The Atlanta/Campus community provides a wealth of opportunities… more »

Common Transition Problems

College can either be a big change or a smooth transition into a new academic community. Learn about time management, stress, campus resources, and connecting… more »

Faculty Expectations

Whether you are in a small colloquium of 10 students or a large lecture with over 100 students, allowing professors put a face to your… more »

Maintaining the HOPE Scholarship

An important resource for most students is the HOPE scholarship, which requires a 3.0 cumulative GPA to maintain. The video below explains the important impact… more »