Panther Excellence Program for Faculty

Panther Excellence Program (PEP) is a two-semester (fall and spring) selective FLC. Students are invited to join PEP by the Office of Admissions based on their Freshman Index score (combination of high school GPA and test scores).

The program provides students with additional guidance to help them make a successful transition from high school through their first year as a college student. As part of PEP, students are provided with academic coaches, peer mentors, supplemental instruction leaders, and other extracurricular efforts designed to help provide them with the support they need for a successful first year of college.

For more information about PEP, click here or consult the website designed for students.

How can I help?

PEP is a bit more in depth than the typical FLC, as we are much more hands-on with this population. As we strive to help our student success, we are asking for your assistance.

These individuals are fully admitted students to the university and are taking courses that will count toward their core requirements. Although they are not taking remedial courses, these students may potentially struggle a bit more than others in your class. This is where we are asking for your assistance.

It is not our intention to create extra work for you in these sections with PEP students. Our hope is that you can assist by keeping us in the loop with the progress of PEP students in your class section. If there are issues with PEP students such as a lack of attendance, poor grades, poor behavior in the classroom, or anything else of interest that may require a bit of attention, we ask only that you please contact us to inform us of these issues. Those of us working in First-Year Programs will then contact those PEP students and meet with them as needed to get them back on the right academic track.


We want to thank you in advance for any help you can offer us with our PEP students this semester. It is only through strong partnerships between faculty and staff that we will be able to have the most significant positive impact on these students.

If you have any questions about the program or how you can help, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Hein at