Upward Bound Programs

Atlanta & Gwinnett Upward Bound Services
Saturday Academy
Upward Bound is a year round program and during the Fall and Spring academic year month participants are expected to participate in scheduled tutorial and Saturday Academy sessions. Upward Bound Saturday Academy is held on the campus of Georgia State University and during these times, participants will focus on the following areas:

  • Mathematics through Pre-Calculus
  • English Composition and Literature
  • Laboratory Sciences
  • Foreign Languages
  • Social Science

Summer On-Campus Housing
The Summer Residential Component is an intensive six-week summer residential academic enrichment program that meets Sunday evening through Friday.  Summer program participants will live in a residence hall on the Georgia State University campus and will be under 24-hour adult supervision by the Upward Bound Administration, Residence Counselors, mentors, and instructors. Morning classes will consist of courses in math, English, science and foreign language.  Afternoon enrichment activities will include electives such as media technology, art appreciation, creative writing, dance, public speaking/debate and physical fitness. There will also be academic survival skills workshops, career information workshops and social/cultural enrichment field trips on Fridays.

Academic Advisement
The Upward Bound staff provides program participants with information and assistance regarding higher education admissions, scholarships, academic & graduation requirements, course and major selection, and financial aid.

Academic Assessments
High School students are required to take a host of tests during their High School tenure. Upward Bound will attempt to prepare students by providing supplemental instruction in the following:

  • Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) as needed.
  • End of Course Test (EOCT) as needed.
  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • ACT College Entrance Exam

All Upward Bound participants will have access to tutoring services offered by the University and in their High Schools. This service is based on need as identified by the Upward Bound Program Specialist and High School Liaison designed to assist the students’ preparation to college as well as high school courses.

Academic, Career and Personal Counseling
The Atlanta & Gwinnett Upward Bound Program will implement counseling strategies and programs that motivate students, facilitate their maturation and enhance their rate of personal and academic success in high school, Upward Bound, and to prepare for higher education. Atlanta & Gwinnett Upward Bound students will be assigned a staff member, counselor, and/or mentor that will have the following responsibilities:

  • Academic Preparation
  • Advocate for the student’€™s well being
  • College Preparation Tips
  • Establish Relationships with High School Guidance
  • Faculty, Staff and Administration
  • Fee Waivers for the SAT and ACT
  • College Application Fee Waivers
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Personal Counseling
  • Collaboration with Parents and Guardians

College Tours and Campus Visits
Students will be invited to various colleges/universities throughout the country. These visits will be offered during Spring Break, the Summer Residential Program, and on availability and student need basis.

Atlanta & Gwinnett Upward Bound administration and staff will host workshops during the year for students, parents and the community on the following:

  • College Planning Preparation
  • Financial Aid and Planning
  • Financial Literacy
  • Community Resources

Specialized Courses and Programming
Atlanta & Gwinnett Upward Bound students will be invited to participate in special courses and/or programs at Georgia State University and other host institutions and TRIO Organizations such as:

  • Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel
  • Student Initiative Weekend
  • Upward Bound Olympics
  • National TRIO Day
  • Saturday Programming
  • Community Service Hours through Hands on Atlanta
  • Specialized SAT Classes

Other courses or programs as determined by student need and preference
DeKalb – Upward Bound Services
Academic Development
Students attend classes that emphasize individualized instruction in science, composition, literature, mathematics, social studies, critical thinking, foreign language, and SAT Preparation.

Counseling Services
Personal, vocational and academic counseling services are provided for each student in order to enhance the student’€™s personal growth and to assist the student in the values clarification and decision-making process.

Cultural Enrichment Activities
Students are exposed to various activities such as concerts, art exhibits, plays, and sports events to broaden their cultural experiences. Travel outside the Atlanta area is provided to further expand the students’€™ cultural and intellectual awareness.

Mentoring Component
The mentoring component is designed to provide students with a positive role model who will make a difference in their lives. Mentors are selected from various professional fields and also consist of successful college students and former Upward Bound-DeKalb participants.

Tutorial Services
Tutors are provided in most academic areas upon request.