Additional Academic Resources

Georgia State University provides a variety of Campus_Resources to help you succeed.
This page will soon be updated to list different offices and organizations that are available to help.

Whether you need strengthening in English and mathematics or just want to sharpen your computer skills, the campus labs are here to help.


Portfolium is an academic portfolio network that gives faculty, students, and alumni the power to create, manage, and personalize their own beautifully organized, interactive collection of projects, work samples, skills, activities and accomplishments. Portfolium allows students to showcase their work, projects and experiences well beyond the limits of a traditional resume and transcript in a way that demonstrates the true value of their education and future potential.


Tutoring may be offered by the academic department teaching your course. Please check with your professor for further information.

Campus-Wide Computer Labs

University Educational Technology Services (UETS)-Open Access Computer Labs at Georgia State University provide a wide range of applications and hardware needed by the student population. The UETS Open Access Computer Labs and the UETS supported classrooms are connected to the campus network and have internet access. For computer lab locations and hours, please click on the link above.

Computer Training

eTraining is a web-based training service that consists of modularized training courses, available anytime of the day or night, anywhere you have access to the Internet! Since the Student Technology Fee funds it, eTraining is FREE to Georgia State students who are eligible to register and Georgia State faculty and staff. Some of the most popular course listings include Word, Excel, Access, Flash, and PhotoShop. eTraining is a service provided through University Educational Technology Services. For more information about eTraining, click on the link above.

The Writing Studio

The Writing Studio, located in Room 2420 of the 25 Park Place Building, is a comfortable place where students and tutors can talk about writing, share ideas, and gather to write. Writing Studio conferences, both in our studio and online, are open to any student or alumni of Georgia State University. At the Writing Studio, we offer space for conversation, coffee, and writers by creating a welcoming community where graduate and undergraduate students can practice the art of writing. Read more at, or contact the Writing Studio at 404.413.5840.

The Language Acquisition and Resource Center (LARC)

The Language Acquisition and Resource Center (LARC) serves the language practice needs of the more than 3000 students enrolled in Georgia State language classes through a wealth of resource materials, tutoring, and tape exchange. For more information, please visit the LARC in 128 General Classroom Building.

Mathematics Assistance Complex (MAC LAB)

Sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Mathematics Assistance Complex (MAC Lab) provides tutorial services for students enrolled in first and second year mathematics and statistics classes. For more information, contact Donald Harden, MAC Coordinator, at 404.413.5555.

Applied Linguistics and English As A Second Language

The Department of Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language (AL/ESL) offers a tutoring lab for assistance for students whose primary language is not English. Students can receive assistance in the following areas: language, reading, writing, speaking, listening, note-taking, study skills and Regents’ testing. The lab schedule varies each semester, however walk-ins are welcome. Contact Debra Snell at 404.413.5200 to schedule an appointment.

Student Affairs Resources

We are sure that you know about Spotlight Programming Board, Cinefest, Panther Prowls, and student organizations, but the Division of Student Affairs provides some great academic resources. Find out about the services offered in the areas of academic assistance, disability needs, and counseling.