Resources for Incoming First-Year Students

We know that starting college is exciting, but a bit scary, as well. This is why we created videos and infographics to help you out. Check out your student email address and your phone (that’s right, we will text you links to videos) for weekly updates.

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advice_frosh There’s so much to learn as a new freshman. Here’s some “Advice for Frosh” to help you out.
We know you are a mixture of excited and
nervous about the start of college in just 6 short weeks! We wanted to share with you a few tips on “adapting to college.”
profs It can be intimidating getting to know your faculty members, here’s how to interact with them.
Knowing how you are going to pay for college is one of the most critical concepts to learn before you get here. From loans to scholarships, and everything in between, here is some info that you need to know.  paying-for-college - Copy1
transportation From here to there and everywhere, there are many ways to get around campus. Here’s a video to make sure you know your way around.
All these terms keep getting thrown at you about financial aid- there’s subsidized loans vs. unsubsidized loans, and interest rates. What does it all mean? Here’s some info to help you understand all the new vocabulary.  subsidized-vs-unsubsidized
 1469457981932 The library is one of the most underused resources on campus, here are a few key things you may not know about it:
 You thought you knew how to study in high school, but college is a whole new world! Here is some info on good study habits to help you get ahead of the game.  Study Skills Screenshot Small
 tm screenshot In college, you have more free time than ever, but you have to use it wisely! Here are some tips on managing your time.
The HOPE Scholarship is one of the best ways for you to save on your college education. You probably know that you need at least a 3.0 to receive the HOPE scholarship, but there are a few other things you will want to know as well. Here’s the scoop on HOPE for you.  hope-scholarship_preview


Want more? Come back next week for additional videos and information. Also, check out The Statement, the blog for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.