Success Workshops

The Office of Undergraduate Studies provides a series of workshops throughout the semester to help you succeed both in and out of the classroom. Consult the calendar for the dates and times of the Student Success Workshop series.

Spring Semester 2017 Success Workshops

Face-to-Face: How to Meet with Your Professors

Want your professor to know you on a more personal level, but don’t know how? Tired of being just another number? Then come to this workshop designed to provide you with the tools to improve your interactions with professors. Positive relationships with professors can save time in your studying, increase the probability of receiving a higher grade, and aid in forging career connections. Join us for an interactive discussion of proper etiquette, expectations, and sample questions to ask when meeting with professors.

I Just Can't Take It Anymore: How to Effectively Manage Stress

Getting through college can be one of the most harrowing experiences of your life. Learning how to deal with various stressors, whether academic, financial, or personal, is critical to success. This workshop gives an overview of the different types of stress we each encounter and different ways we can manage it.

Planning for Your Career: Internships and Beyond

What are YOU doing this summer? There are literally hundreds of internship and job opportunities available for college students all over the world. This workshops gives you some keen insight into how to strengthen your résumé, present yourself in interviews, and optimize your campus resources to identify the perfect internship opportunity for you.

Study Skills 5.0: Note-Taking, Test-Taking & Concentration

If you’re going to be in college, you might as well be good at it! This workshop is designed to give students guidance and tips on taking great notes, properly preparing for examinations, and keeping the mind sharp with effective study skills.

Time Flies When You Are On Facebook: Time Management & Goal Setting

Busy with social media, academic work and professional development activities? Every day, many students often neglect some of their biggest priorities such as studying and health. Learn how to effectively manage your time and set goals for completing tasks to help you make the most of your time.

Keeping HOPE Alive

30-60-90 is just the beginning. Over a third of all new students entering Georgia State on HOPE lose the scholarship after their freshman year. This workshop gives student critical information on the many requirements of the HOPE scholarship and how to plan academically to maintain this very important opportunity. The workshop is also useful to students who may have lost the HOPE scholarship, as it provides strategies on how they can re-attain it following the next checkpoint.

Financing Your Graduate Education

Getting that college degree is only the first step in the professional journey. Many students don’t realize that seeking graduate school admission can bring a heavy financial burden. This workshop is directed toward students interested in continuing their education beyond college and the myriad grants, scholarships and fellowships available to help defray the costs of graduate school.

Searching and Applying for Scholarships

Financing the undergraduate experience is becoming more and more difficult. This workshop will give an in-depth overview of the litany of scholarships available to college students and how the Scholarship Resource Center can assist Georgia State students in identifying potential scholarship opportunities.

Trying to Make a Dollar out of 15 Cents: Fiscal Management in College

Every student faces challenges trying to finance their college experience. This workshop will present some simple strategies on how to effectively manage your finances throughout the semester.

Writing a Winning Essay

Many scholarships available to undergraduate students require more than academic success. Essays are often a requisite to securing financial assistance. This workshop is designed to give you an analysis of what many organizations are looking for in scholarship recipients, as well as show you how to write a winning essay and structuring your information in a successful format.