Supplemental Instruction

Need help in classes such as biology, chemistry, accounting, or economics? Supplemental Instruction is here to help!

SI is a voluntary and free academic assistance program that uses peer-led study groups to help students in traditionally difficult courses – those with low completion rates (D’s, F’s, and W’s).

SI leaders attend and participate in classes along with students, then design and lead study session based on the lecture. SI leaders explain course concepts and processes to help students grasp challenging topics. In SI sessions, students are able to clarify lecture notes, review assigned readings, discuss key course concepts, receive study guides/worksheets created by the SI leader, and connect with other peers enrolled in the course.

Check the SI Schedule [PDF] for Spring 2014 (session times and dates).

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Program Results

Students who consistently participate in SI sessions receive, on average, a half or a whole letter grade higher than students enrolled in the same course that do not attend SI sessions. Student who participate in SI also learning effective learning and test taking strategies.

Check out the results of our program!

By clicking the links below you will be able to see graphs comparing SI participants’ performance to non-participants’ performance. All documents are in PDF format.