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Supplemental Instruction

Want to sharpen your study skills and improve your understanding of difficult course material?  Supplemental Instruction (SI) is here to help!

SI is a voluntary and free academic assistance program that uses peer-led study groups to help students in traditionally difficult courses – those with low completion rates (D’s, F’s, and W’s).

SI Leaders are current Georgia State University students who excelled in the course to which they are assigned.  They attend the lecture along with the students and prepare activity-based sessions that correspond with the material covered in class.  SI sessions are informal, peer-led study sessions that provide students with an opportunity to not only engage with each other while re-enforcing course material, but also acquire valuable study strategies.

Current SI Schedule

The link to the most up-to-date SI schedule for the semester can be found in the “Current SI Schedule” box at the left side of the page.

Program Results

Students who consistently participate in SI sessions receive, on average, a half or a whole letter grade higher than students enrolled in the same course that do not attend SI sessions. Students who participate in SI also acquire effective learning and test-taking strategies.

SI vs. Non-SI Historical Results