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Information for Students

A series of regularly scheduled review/study sessions for students taking historically difficult courses led by students (SI Leaders) who have already taken the course,  earned an A- or better, and have a GPA above a 3.0 . Participating in SI sessions is free and voluntary. A link to the full list of SI sessions for the current semester can be found in the "Current SI Schedule" box to the left of the page..

  • Develop effective study strategies and habits that lead to  higher grades
  • Learn how to manage academic stress and anxiety
  • Establish fun and beneficial relationships with peers
  • Engage in an interactive learning environment
  • Maintain motivation to complete courses successful and graduate

  • Ask questions
  • Discuss material covered in lecture
  • Solve practice problems
  • Compare notes
  • Organize study material and maximize your study time
  • Learn study techniques
  • Learn how to talk to you professor during office hours
  • Identify campus resources

  • SI targets classes that historically have had high withdrawal rates and high percentage of Ds and Fs.
  • Students who consistently take advantage of SI, on average, can earn one half to one full letter grade higher than students who do not.
Everyone – strong, struggling or in the middle – can benefit from SI.

  • “Learned easier ways to understand concepts”
  • “Helped with 90% of the material in the course”
  • “Found strategies useful for test-taking”
  • “Learned better studying habits”

  • “Showed quick ways to solve problems”
  • “Breaks down complex topics”
  • “Gives out worksheets and handouts”
  • “Made things simple and easy”
  • “Provided helpful study tips”